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Our team at Health Lust believe that immersing yourself in nature is the surest way to replenish the mind and body with positive energy.  Experiencing the world in its purest form has tremendous healing powers.  We also believe that taking the time from your busy schedule to participate in new experiences that bring joy and happiness should be prioritized.  Joy bringing activities are able to help release endorphins that increase happiness and reduce the stress hormone cortisol.  In addition to having fun, we value clean, fresh and wholesome food to fuel the body.  Developing a daily yoga practice will also help to boost your mental and physical state by cultivating strength and flexibility not only in your bodies but also in your mind.  With these tools, you will become better equipped to cope with the stresses of a busy life.

 The Health Lust Tahiti Retreat has what it takes to create the perfect getaway for you.  We are here to ensure that you will be inspired by Tahiti’s beauty, indulge in beautiful food and take the time to relax when needed. Our goal is to have our guests leaving Tahiti feeling fresh and rejuvenated.  We will provide our guests with skills to keep the feeling of health last beyond the retreat, from wholesome food recipes, simple yoga sequences and ways to inspire the mind.

Our team at Health Lust  has had amazing opportunities to travel to some of the most pristine places in the world and experience nature in its purest forms.  We have also made great, beautiful friends along the way.  What makes Health Lust Retreats unique is that we immerse ourselves in the local culture with love and respect and in turn deliver an adventure you would might not experience otherwise.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine “ John C  Maxwell.


Katie DeMent

After years of studying Counseling Psychology and developing a love of yoga, Katie has the deep desire to find creative ways of merging the two practices in ways that health and wellness can emerge.  Her love to travel brings her back to Tahiti again and again.  She shares that "Tahiti is a place like no other, the Tahitian ocean is one of complete beauty and awe."  Katie's passions in life involve the ocean, yoga, clean healthy food, adventure and sharing these pure and simple wonders with others. 


Lara Blackman

Lara is a 200 hrs accredited Yoga Alliance teacher trained in Vinyasa, YinRestorative and Hatha.  Her classes are energetic, fun and traditional in style with a strong focus on breath.  During one of Lara's classes you can expect to build strength and stamina while also surrendering to the experience and resetting of the mind.  You will leave feeling energized and focused.  Her priority as a teacher is to convey the  philosophical teachings of yoga through the physical practice.  These fundamental concepts provide the means to find balance and fulfillment in all areas of life.  Over time, the challenges faced on the mat will translate off the mat allowing better control of emotions, feelings, concentration, purpose, and intent.




Mary Bowman DeMent

Mary is an avid food lover, gardener and chef whose expertise is using fresh local ingredients of the tropics.  Being born and raised in Hawaii, Mary's favorite menu's include those of fresh fish, greens & veggies, tropical fruits, and whole foods.  At the 2017 Health Lust Tahiti retreat, our menu will focus on being gluten, egg, and dairy free.  We ourselves are sensitive to many foods and will gladly accommodate any requests for those with dietary restrictions.  

Mary worked in Hawaii for over 25 years in the health care profession as a Registered Dietitian.  Private consults may be arranged upon request.